Safety and Health Policy Statement

  1. The Education Trust is committed to promoting a culture where harm to our people through work is unacceptable. To meet this commitment, the company will provide healthy and safe working conditions for all people associated with our organisation, including employees, students, contractors, visitors and members of the public.
  2. We embrace the ‘Towards Zero Harm’ programme as it recognises that our goal is to ensure that our activities do not result in harm, injury or ill health to employees, students, contractors, visitors and members of the public. 
  3. The Education Trust acknowledges and accepts the responsibilities placed on it as an ‘Employer’ by the Occupational Safety and Health Act. 2005 , other relevant legislations and the safety and health requirements of the Private School Education Authority. We consider that a safe and healthy working environment is a prerequisite to achieving both the short term and long term goals of our organisation.
  4. In order to meet the above requirements, The Education Trust will:
    Be a model of best safety and health  practices;
    • Aim to be a world class institution with a matching safety and health record;
    • Demonstrate leadership and commitment through all of its’ staff;
    • Provide and maintain a safe work environment for all employees and persons who come into contact with the organisation;
    • Develop safety awareness throughout The Education Trust through on-going education and training of all staff, employees and contractors;
    • Take all practical steps to eliminate hazards within the organisation, through risk identification, assessment, control and monitoring to ensure continuing effectiveness; and
    • Comply with all applicable safety and health statutory requirements as a minimum.
  5. The Chairperson and Manager expect the full co-operation and support of all stakeholders to ensure that the Safety and health Policy and arrangements are implemented effectively. We encourage all staff of The Education Trust to be more mindful safety and health in everything we do. Together we can work ‘Towards Zero Harm’.

10 January 2019
(Next review –Not later than 2 years)