Parents’ Corner

We are pleased to launch our Parents’ Corner in our website. This page contains information for our existing parents.

Fedena ERP is the school’s student information system in which all information pertaining to a student registered with the school is stored. As from this year, the school has decided to grant access to parents to the school’s Fedena ERP system so that they can keep track of the progress of their child via the Internet. In fact, parents will have access to the following information:

  • Attendance Record of the student;
  • First Term, Second Tem and Final Examination results of the student;
  • Disciplinary Record of the student;
  • Contact information of Parents. (In case of discrepancies, please notify the administration by calling at the school with documentary evidence)

In order to access your child’s records, please click on the button ==>>

Access to List of Books for Grades 7 to 13, please click on the button ==>>

Student Code of Conduct Booklet ==>>